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Day after day

Night after Night

View of the Alcudia beach, Mallorca

Hay Bluff

Memory of Pollenca town and spilt smoothie river

The path of the queens woods

How would you describe the work you do and why?: 

My artworks are colourful and they are quite imaginative sometimes. As I would like to give the audience positive energy and space. I use acrylic painting, water colour based painting, and some other materials.

For you what does being an artist mean?: 

Being an artist means to give joy and pleasure to the audience. Giving my audience sense of healing inside by viewing my pictures. I would be very glad, if I can achieve that .

Describe what you call yourself/your practice?: 

I am a qualified artist up to degree level in BA(HONS) Illustration, and my love of art and of all it's form has proven to accumulate with HND Illustration, ND Art and Design. I did ND Art and Design on foundation course as access course, because I was an over sea student from Japan. I had so much joy of finding and having been introduced to many forms of Art practice. I was particularly into black and white print making by Etching. I had produced many of them. I have also produced in many other forms of Art during my foundation year, but my aim was toward children's book illustration and Christian teaching materials for Sunday schools. So I have selected Illustration course for higher education. As my time of over sea education was only 2 years left, so I have compromised from degree level education to Higher National Diploma in Illustration.

In HND, I have been through many very useful learning through different projects. I was very interested in digital illustration at the time and I had practiced it a lot. However, I have used traditional method and learning it's techniques as main. My artwork was very vivid and colourful and some digital and editorial works. Having passing HND course, my desire for taking degree course was strong. I had searched through out England for BA Illustration course, that was accepted me in 2nd year of BA Illustration degree course at Herefordshire college of Art and Design. So was the start of my life in Herefordshire.

Second year of degree course was very different style of Art from the previous one. Others on the course were expressing loose form of styles, and not so bright colours, and much more of conceptional illustration to encourage audience to think through with art what is the given message in your Illustration Art. I had been deeply taught the way of conceptional illustration and having to develop and to produce Illustrations in thoughtful ways. It was very beneficial study time to my Illustration Art.

My life in Herefordshire did not end with the end of the course. I have met the love of my life at near the end of the course in Herefordshire. I have got married to my husband after 2 years of my graduation. My life with family of three children in Herefordshire goes on till now.

My illustration has been published in 4 books. " Daydee's Holiday adventure trilogy" written by Daydee Baba-Agasi, " Monkey train", " The Stubborn Mule", and " The Dancing Bear" . "Down on the lake" was written by an author Patrick Mooney, who is also an award winning Poetry, and artist himself and he lives in Herefordshire.

In recent year, my focus on artwork was environmental matters, and what importance is in our lives. Only 4 % of entire population of the planet earth is wild life, 60 % live stock, 36 % is humans. I would like to address Global warming issues and what is causing, to help us to survive. We all need to save our planet for our children, the next generations. As there is no planet B, but only our planet Earth.

I would like my Artwork to give hope in everyday life. To create positive space, and and to give hope for the future. I would like it to be caring, peaceful and loving .

Your practice & activities include e.g workshops, teaching: 

Tailor made service for Art and Illustration needs. Commission for children's book illustrations, illustrations for church Sunday school booklets, packaging illustration of a product, editorial illustration that suit the market and audience, and family portrait, group portraits. Greeting cards can be purchased at my Etsy shop online, or private messages of my Facebook / Instagram social network site. Hand made goods can be purchased at my Etsy shop online too.

My artworks can be seen and for sale below

Website: www.yumikosart-tickles.co.uk
Etsy shop: YumikosArtTickles
Facebook; Yumiko's Art-tickles

CV & Education, relevant & leading to your artistic practice: 

Freelance Illustration / Art works. My illustrations has been published in four children's books.
Previously done some illustration works with Go-Teach publications.
Previously done packaging illustration in Japan.
Family portrait commissions.
Group portrait for an organisation.
Some art works available to purchase at Etsy shop, YumikosArtTickles , my website, Facebook / Instagram Private messages account transfer and delivery can be arranged.


BA(Hons) Illustration at Herefordshire college of Arts
HND Illustration at Bournemouth Art University
Staffordshire University, Foundation National Diploma in Art and Design

Exhibitions in the last 3 years: 

Courtyard exhibition with HACS April 2024
H-art with HACS at Green dragon in Hereford September 2023
Courtyard exhibition with HACS Nov2022-Jan2023
H-art with HACS at Green dragon in Hereford September 2022
HACS exhibition at Courtyard Nov2021-Jan 2022
h-art with HACS at Green Dragon Hotel in Hereford 2021
HACS online gallery in October November with HACS 2020
h-art with Lion Ballroom in Leominster in 2019

Your gallery outlets/stockists: 

HACS members at The Green Dragon Hotel, Broad Street, Hereford

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