Catherine Van Giap - fish panel
Catherine Van Giap
Jill Crowther
Jill Crowther
Shelly Perkins
Shelly Perkins
Harbour by Lorenzo Gavarini
Lorenzo Gavarini
William Smith
William Smith

Jake Keogh

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01432 840847
How would you describe the work you do and why?: 

Working with green and seasoned wood, drawing on the disciplines of carpentry and joinery to design, make, alter or restore. The majority is bespoke.

For you what does being an artist mean?: 

Indulging in a creative discipline with a practical purpose.

Describe what you call yourself/your practice?: 


Exhibitions in the last 3 years: 

As a member of the Herefordshire Guild of Craftsmen I participate in exhibitions of work throughout the year (see ). I demonstrate wood working skills at other county shows.

Your gallery outlets/stockists: 

None - most projects done to order; direct liaison with the customer

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