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How would you describe the work you do and why?: 

The digital constructs in my photography with the inclusion of seascape and landscape, resonate with a sense of space and time and the ability to reach into abstract realms. There is a mythical quality to these images where I hope to draw in the observer to contemplate the immensity of the planet and our relation to it. As we observe nature in its constant flux , I endeavour to demonstrate these shifts as the images appear to breathe deeply through effortless movement of substance and light.
My figurative work is always an exploration into the deeper aspects of our consciousness. I find things, I don't make things.

For you what does being an artist mean?: 

My insights have evolved through a bridging of two careers, one as a Social Worker working within the realms of safeguarding children who have experienced abuse, and one as a Fine Artist where I drew from the observations of that world, where challenges were faced and supported to safety. I have invested much of my learning and insight to the work of the Psychologist Carl Jung where I have utilised Abstract Expressionism as a means to explore how humans journey through a world often set with challenge.
The process of my work develops through long scribbles, scrapings and shiftings till a story emerges which feels right.

Describe what you call yourself/your practice?: 

I am a multimedia artist working in UK and have recently moved back to my beloved Herefordshire . My works are held in private collections throughout the UK and internationally.
Having grown up in the east coast of Scotland, my vision has developed from a surrender to the wilder elements of climate and nature My work evolves from a response to an environment, place or experience. I endeavour to capture something which is fundamental to the human condition. I use drawing, photography, printing and painting to explore an odyssey of surreal convergences. As I scribble through my drawings or spin a weave through my painting and digital work, I see connections arise which unfold in a rhythmic dreamlike resonance. Within these, there are stories and often a proclamation of detail which become a portrayal of an inner sensitivity to what is happening in the tapestry of life.

Your practice & activities include e.g workshops, teaching: 

Someone once wrote of my work ... 'there is something ancient about the figures , as if they were the keepers of truths, long forgotten....'
Another wrote in an editorial after a visit to my studio which offers a description more personal . ...... 'Amidst lofty ceilings, there were large 14 ft paintings tacked to her wall with Velcro. Bundles of work, some in frames, some in rolls, litter every alcove and beyond……..
Suzanna uses primarily black and white. We live in a coloured world. By working monochromatically, she retains the images more in the sphere of metaphor and symbol. She uses all manner of drawing materials and tonal energy, in a way as a substitute to colour. Then when colour is finally subtly introduced, an earthy brown,for example, this has a curious resonance.
……. she is dealing with the human condition, isolation, intimidation, loneliness, all compelling stuff. ..... But she also produces an array of very small work, a picture of a corner of a mouth a close eye as seen at the point of it becoming a kiss, sensual and enchanting....
Clearly Suzanna exploits methods of drawing that, like automatic writing, allows an internal world of substance .....Her work is collectible'
Edward Kelly. Painter.

CV & Education, relevant & leading to your artistic practice: 

At University in the 70's I studied psychology and worked as a social worker for many years . As I entered my more mature years, despite having a creative leaning since childhood, I discovered a deepening of my artistic voice as I gained a first class honours degree at Hereford College of Arts. I am now in a position to engage with my Social Work role simply as a memory and devote my time fully to the process of creating. More recently, in the past 4+ years, I have journeyed through some tricky and testing times as I have battled two types of cancer. My vision now evolves further into a metaphysical sphere sometimes using photography, sometimes drawing and painting. I endeavour to find some calm out of the chaos as I continue to rigorously question the human condition and its responses to a world of uncertainty. I am a strong believer there is hope as we move through our challenges and our journeys are a tapestry to lay the foundation for understanding.

2013 - First Class B.A Hon’s Fine Art . Hereford College of Arts. University of Wales.
2012 - Foundation Degree. Contemporary Art Practice . Hereford College of Arts . University of Wales.
2010 - Foundation Diploma in Art and design. Distinction University of the Arts London.

1981 - CQSW. Dip SW. University of Edinburgh
1978 - B.Sc. Psychology/ History of Art. University of St Andrews

2011 - Downstairs. Herefordshire
2013 - Meadow Arts. Croft Castle . Prizewinner 2013

Jan - March 2016 - The Courtyard Hereford
September 2013 - Posterity. Lets Face It
June 2013 - Summer Show - Hereford College of Arts. Prizewinner
May 2013 - Tewkesbury Library
March 2013 - Solo Show - Kidwells Law, Hererford
January 2013 - The Courtyard, Hereford
November 2012 - The Hub, HCA, Hereford
July 2012 - Three Choirs Exhibition . artist representing Herefordshire - The Courtyard Hereford
May 2012 - 2013. Book Art. Venues. UK. Prizewinner.
Jan 2012. Featured Spotlight Interview. Artweb.com.
Jan 2012. Featured Website of the week. Artweb.com.
Jan 2012 - Feb 2012 Second helpings. Apple Store Gallery. Hereford.
2011 - 2012. Book Art. Venues. UK. Commendation
April - June. 2011 Take One. Hereford City Museum and Art Gallery
2010 -2011. Book Art. Venues. UK.
Sept 2010. The Oldhouse Museum. Hereford
Sept 2010. MINIWORKS The Courtyard. Hereford. Prizewinner
Sept 2010. h.Art.
June 2010. Summer Show . Hereford College of Arts
August 2010. The Big Chill Festival.


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