A Break in the Blizzard by Sean Crawfod
Sean Crawford
Menna Elfyn portrait by Clae Eastgate
Clae Eastgate
Croquet Lawn in Snow_ mixed media
Kathryn Moore
Carved Oak Chest by Alison Hugh Milton
Alison Hugh Milton
Rose by Rose Norman
Rose Norman

William Smith

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Decagram casts


How would you describe the work you do and why?: 

I have so far been fluid in my work from stone selection to subject & technique, which has given me a great foundation in different working methods and stone types, from precision lettering & geometry to freeform carving and larger constructive landscape work with dry stone walling techniques and pebble mosaics.

For you what does being an artist mean?: 

Immersing myself in a subject/piece to try and convey truths & messages through form & detail, in an attempt to evoke feeling and understanding of the subject.

Describe what you call yourself/your practice?: 

Stone obsessed carver/sculptor! Working in 3D & relief from animal forms to sacred geometric designs. I start with drawings, from there the process is experimental from maquette's of clay or sculpted wire, plaster casts or on occasion seeing a shape that needs to be uncovered in the stone & setting to work to release the form, predominantly with hand tools to get a real feel for the stone and subject.

Your practice & activities include e.g workshops, teaching: 

Starting to offer have a go workshops at my cottage near Woolhope

CV & Education, relevant & leading to your artistic practice: 

Largely self taught with tuition & guidance from 'Shapeshifters' stone and wood carving collective of retired stonemasons and artists at Winterbourne, Birmingham.
Architectural Heritage stone work & restoration
Lantra level 2 dry stone walling

Exhibitions in the last 3 years: 

RBSA Royal Birmingham Society of Arts
Corinium Museum Cirencester -Cotswold Conservation Board
Canwood Gallery
H-Art 2023

Your gallery outlets/stockists: 

Brockhampton All Saints Church

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