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Catherine Van Giap
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Shelly Perkins
Jill Crowther
Jill Crowther
Harbour by Lorenzo Gavarini
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William Smith

Richard Hayes

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Artwork for Richard Hayes


work in progress


How would you describe the work you do and why?: 

well... not that i wish to tell you more than you care to know about me, yet...
it could be observed that whatever it is that appears to manifest as my 'art', is actually a process appearing in/as form so refined as an idea that it occurs somewhat automatically...
since a child, rich has literally 'armed' himself with the relevant equipment, held it in his hand and the 'art' flows out, be it holding a pen, brush, pencil or chisel...
on some level my 'art' and my lifelong obsession with the 'metaphysical/esoteric' merge, yet, keeping it simple, it's all very natural in a way i can't really articulate without writing an essay :)
i spent far too long (decades) working as a professional illustrator/designer in mainstream media (the 'darkside' if ever there was one) ...i'm currently trying to catch up with some rather obsessive carving...
i thank you. r.

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